Born in a teacher's family in Malaysia, Jo Lynn grew up with the expectation to get good grades, get paid well and live a low-risk life. When she graduated from university, she had to accept her first job with a $400 monthly salary from the company that supported her studies. Not satisfied with her dead-end job, she left her first job with a 5-figure college debt for not fulfilling the condition of the company's study grant.

Do the work that excites you beyond financial means.

Desperate to find a way to pay back her debt, she found a job of her passion by designing systems and processes her clients desperately needed, fixing the real problems her clients faced. Her ability to turn a problem into opportunity for growth quickly became her asset. This ability got the attention of Fortune 500 companies. Soon, she joined a global company, solving business problems 10x bigger and more complex.

Transform your asset into your golden ticket.

Years later, Jo Lynn dreamed of travelling around the world. Through her work with a global company, she was granted the opportunity of a lifetime - to work in Europe. Her time in Europe has uncovered her super power and golden ticket to freedom. It was her ability to identify laser-sharp niche and individual's strengths in every business across the world. By leveraging her super power strength, she helped her clients in different types of business to save more time, spend less money, work more safely and ultimately grow their business to the level they desire.

Repetition is the mother of all habit.

From there, she rinsed and repeated the process, replicated results and scaled her growth strategy into hundreds of projects in various niches, from hiring the right people, processing trillions of US dollar worth of financial transactions correctly, predicting expensive equipment failures, and even working with scientists to tackle complex mathematical calculations only the experts understand. After years of refining her growth strategy, she decided to take her life's work to benefit small business owners directly. 

Paying it forward.

Today, Jo Lynn is dedicated to enabling heart-centered small business owners to optimize, automate and scale their business, regaining the freedom that they desire. Through consulting, online training programs and speaking on stage, Jo Lynn has reached thousands of people from all walks of life:

  • She has produced business leadership and executive events in Netherlands for hundreds of attendees from different countries that inspired her to speak on stage.
  • She has created and launched a non-profit game played by thousands of players from corporate, non-profit agencies and universities from at least 20 different countries.
  • She has designed, developed and launched hundreds of product or service-based systems and processes for the last 10 years, generating value of at least multi-million US dollars to the companies, that implemented the systems.
  • Her recent work for a petrochemical company has proven financial return of multi-million US dollars and improvement on the safety and efficiency of people's work in dangerous conditions. (Watch feature video here.)

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